At Garavan’s we offer 5 distinctive tasting platters
and hold tasting events regularly

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Sample a marvellous selection of Irish whiskey’s from our tasting tray

All our trays are accompanied by our own tasting notes

The Classic Irish Platter
Tullamore Dew 12 Year Old Whiskey / Redbreast 12 Year Old Whiskey & Connemara Peated Whiskey 

The Distillers’ Tasting Platter
Greenmore 8 Year Old Grain Whiskey / Green Spot Pot Still Whiskey & Teeling Whiskey Small Batch

The Irish Writers’ Tasting Platter
Green Spot Pot Still Whiskey (Samuel Beckett’s Favourite) / Jameson Gold Irish Whiskey (James Joyce Favourite Whiskey) & Yellow Spot Pot Still Whiskey (W.B Yeats Choice Whiskey)

Pot Still Whiskey Tasting
Redbreast 12 Year Old Pot Still Whiskey / Powers John Lane Pot Still Whiskey
& Yellow Spot Pot Still Whiskey

Grand Maters Irish Whiskey Tasting Platter
Kilbeggan 18 Year Old Blended Whiskey / Teeling Gold Reserve 26 Year Old Single Malt
& Dungourney 1964 Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey