A visit to the Irish Whiskey Museum.

We recently took a trip to the Irish Whiskey Museum in Dublin.

Perfectly located in the heart of the city, beside Trinity College and Grafton Street, the Museum promises an enjoyable visit for the whiskey enthusiasts out there!

Tours run every half hour from 10.30am and can be booked in advance. Make sure you visit the gift shop with Whiskey Memorabilia!  From Glassware to reading material (and of course whiskey itself), theres something for everyone. Our very own Garavan’s Whiskey Glassware set is also available at the museum.

We arrived a little early for the tour but relaxed in the comfortable waiting bar while chatting to the staff about the fine selection they had available. The bar and museum staff were friendly and most efficient during the visit.

For the tour, we were guided by Niamh who did a fantastic job educating us on the whiskey history and poitin encyclopedia, while providing some humour and wit!

We were brought from room to room with video guidance and the wise words of Niamh. It would be a shame to give away all the details of this excellently executed tour, but we can promise that you will definitely leave having learned something new about whiskey. From the old distilling methods, great fires and many other bits that any whiskey lover will find interesting.

Near the end of the tour we were shown the whiskey evolution in bottling followed by a tasting.

It is important to note that the museum is not associated to one distillery so you will enjoy several different brands. We recommend paying the extra €3 for the premium tour as you get to enjoy a fourth whiskey and receive a little Glencairn memento!

While the museum may not have been open long, this team and everyone behind it have done a fantastic job and this is really evident in the experience. So if you are in Dublin and have an interest in Whiskey or would like to learn more, then this is a must see!