Try Brooklyn Improved Old Fashioned at Garavan's

When you think of a classic, original cocktail, many people think of the Old Fashioned (well us whiskey lovers do at least!). A seemingly simple drink made up of whiskey, sugar and bitters, usually garnished with some citrus peel. Bartenders started to become household names in the U.S, in the 1960’s as they would change an existing cocktail and caption it as “improved” (often in the hopes of outshining his predecessor!)

The famous Brooklyn Brewery have gone one step further  as they aimed to improve the Old fashioned by transforming it into a beer! The strong rye beer, contains various spices and peels…aged in WhistlePig rye whiskey barrels. 

Containing wonderful infusions of bitter gentian root and intriguing botanicals met with the spice of rye, the kick of citrus and the sweet warmth of oak. A true tasting experience! The beer comes in a 750ml bottle, so perfect to share with friends here at Garavan’s.


Style: Barrel-aged rye ale with botanicals & bitters
Malts: Glen Eagle Maris Otter, Canadian 2-row, Weyermann Rye, Fawcett Rye, Fawcett Crystal Rye
Additions: Demerara sugar, Belgian candi syrup, bitter orange peel, lemon peel, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander, bitter gentian root, cloves, and aging in WhistlePig Rye whiskey barrels
Hops: Perle
Yeast:  House Ale Yeast
Alcohol by Volume: 12.8%

Next time you stop by, ask one of our team for some more information.

Stay tuned for our net blog post where we look at Brooklyn Black Ops! A stout aged in bourbon barrels.