Bloom Premium London Dry Gin

Have you experienced the incredible delicate and totally unique taste that BLOOM Premium London Dry Gin delivers?  

It’s infused with nature: floral notes start with hints of sun-warmed honeysuckle and delicate chamomile.

The uplifting citrus taste of pomelo and a touch of earthiness complete the taste.  In fact, BLOOM is so sweet, smooth and different, you may wonder if you’re drinking a gin at all.

In its feminine, Victorian green jewel-cut glass bottle BLOOM is the perfect gin for the ladies and can be served with strawberries to bring out its unique floral taste!

Saying that Joanne Moore has created such a balanced, well rounded and considered product that would appeal to many drinkers – not just gin fans.

Try BLOOM Premium London Dry Gin next time your in Garavan's Bar.