Matt Healy Of Potstilled Talks Whiskey at Garavan's Bar

Matt is a self professed whisk(e)y geek with an insatiable hunger for learning more about the world of whisk(e)y. He is a vocal supporter of the renaissance of the Irish Whiskey industry and the resurgence of the Single Potstill Whiskey category. When not talking or writing about uisce beatha, Matt can be found in his full time job a.k.a. finishing his masters degree in Michael Smurfit Business School. You can also catch up with Matt on his blog Potstilled.


Guest Blogger Matt Healy of Potstilled is talking about Garavan's Bar and shares his top whiskey selections with us.  

Garavan’s is a historic Galway bar, that all fans of whisk(e)y should find any excuse to include in their itinerary when visiting the city of the tribes! Whether you are a fan of the Irish sort or whisk(e)y in any of its incarnations you can’t go wrong in Garavan’s.

The back bar is laden with such a selection of whisk(e)ys from all over the world that any casual enthusiast or experienced connoisseur can find something interesting to whet their palate!

What’s truly remarkable about Garavan’s is not only the dedication and passion that the Garavan family have put into compiling the amazing collection of antiquated bottles of whiskey you see adorning the walls but the fact that they are willing to share them with their custom.  The age old adage comes to mind, “if you don’t ask you don’t know”! So if you see something you like, inquire away!

Potstilled’s top whiskey selections:

  • Single Pot Still whiskey is the traditional style of whiskey production on the island of Ireland. The traditional single malt recipe list of water, yeast and malted barley sees the addition of unmalted barley that gives Single Pot Still whiskey a creamier and full flavoured mouthfeel favoured by many.

Rebreast 15-year- old (€9.50)

Redbreast 12 is known by many as a great single pot still whiskey, but its big brother the 15-year- old really delivers the full character of the single pot still spirit. Its holds onto its younger sibling’s succulent fleshy fruits and potstill spices but complements these with a the most amazingly wonderful notes of toasted wood. A must try and a great price at €9.50!

  • Malt whiskey has made a huge name for itself in the world’s lexicon, mainly thanks to our whisky producing cousins in Scotland. That said Ireland is and has been a large producer of malt whiskey for quite some time and its triple distilled character can stand up to any Scottish malt, if you ask me!

Tullamore D.E.W. 10-year- old Four Cask Finish (€7.50)

This Tullamore D.E.W. single malt is one of my all time favourite malts. The “four cask finish” refers to the fact that the whiskey has been finished in four different casks; ex-bourbon, oloroso, port and madeira. This gives the whiskey an amazing combination of rich Christmas cake flavours coupled beautifully with burst of tropical fruits, most notably pineapple! If you like single malts this is my must try from the

Garavan’s line up!

  • Blended whiskey is the backbone of the Irish and Scotch whisk(e)y industries, yet can get a bad name from connoisseurs the world over! Ireland produces some of the best grain whiskey to be found on this side of the Atlantic and this can be seen in a large variety of of the blended whiskeys we produce!

Bushmills Black Bush (€4.40)

Black bush is a blend with great depth. This first class blend is a vatting of 80% malt whiskey and 20% grain whiskey, making Black Bush one of the highest malt contributions in any blends in the world! This whiskey boasts a huge following of whiskey lovers the world over and with the rich wood tones and light sherry sweetness I am not surprised one bit!

Irishman Founders Reserve (€4.60)

The Irishman Founders Reserve is a slightly different style blend to the aforementioned Black Bush. Instead of using malted barley and grain to create the blend, Irishman uses malted barley and the traditional style pot still whiskey to create this fantastic blend. This is a surprisingly full bodied tipple boasting lovely toffee and honey notes with hints of the pot still spice underneath. Great value for money!