The London No 1

London No. 1 Original Blue Gin is a product of Gonzalas Byass, who are a Spanish wine/cellars company which also produces a variety of distilled spirits including brandy, anisette, botanical vodka and of course gin. Their gin is triple distilled (from English grain in London, England) on a traditional pot still in small batches by Master Distiller, Charles Maxwell.

London No. 1 gin is distilled with 12 key botanicals which include: Juniper from Croatia; Angelica root and Savory from France;Coriander from Morocco; Cassia bark from China, Liquorice from Turkey, Cinnamon from Ceylon, Almond from Greece; and Lemon peel, Orange peel, Lily root and Bergamot from Italy.

We love this Blue Gin bottle, its classy, clean, and masculine, with a solid synthetic corked closure.  The bottle is clear which allows you to see the pale turquoise blue colour of the gin and we are very impressed by that pale blue turquoise colour in the glass. 

London No.1 has a sharp quality and the aroma from the glass is intensely floral, we would consider it very complex in flavour.  This gin is full of flavour and spice and for many is the perfect gin with an ice-cube to mute the strong flavours. If you decide to sip neat, the London No. 1 Original Gin finishes with a rush of ginger spice that will knock your tonsils back.

You'll find London No.1 Original Blue Gin in Garavans Bar, so make sure to come visit us next time you're in Galway.