Sharing our love of Redbreast Single Pot Still 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Garavan's Bar won Whiskey Bar of The Year Connacht 2014 & 2015.  Organised by the Celtic Whiskey Shop, the awards recognise the best whiskey producers, distillers and bars in Ireland.

With a bar full to the brim of Whiskey it's hard to pick a favourite, so instead we'd like to share our love for Redbreast Single Pot Still Aged 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey.  

Redbreast is a beautifully balanced single pot still Irish whiskey, with a warm, generous texture, rich, sweet flavours and a spicy first just a sip is enough to fill your mouth with a multi-layered attack of malt and pepper.   Then in larger amounts the sherry notes with the pot still take over your mouth and refuse to budge. 

In the view of many connoisseurs, Redbreast Single Pot Still 12 Year Old is the finest Irish whiskey available.  We'd love you to experience the lingering flavours and appreciate a good whiskey. Or why not just pop in, say hello and browse our whiskey cabinets - they are full of rare and vintage whiskies.